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コンセプトスタジオ logo_veda

〒107-0062 東京都港区南青山4-17-3, 2f
10:00am~6:00pm (水曜定休)

○最寄り駅:表参道駅(東京メトロ 銀座線、千代田線、半蔵門線)A4出口より徒歩6分

Seekers who understand that health is not only of the Body, but of Mind and Spirit too;
Truth-Lovers who are willing and wanting to take a closer look at Life;
Gather at veda in Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo.

"veda" means, "Sacred Knowledge."
The kind of knowledge that's not just kept in our heads,
but the Wisdom of Life that comes alive in practical use in daily life. sign_01